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Date: 12th May 2016
WT40 Tungsten Electrode
If you want to import wt40 tungsten electrode from one of the competitive orange tungsten electrode manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, equipped with a productive factory, Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology is always at your service. The comprehensive performance of thoriated tungsten is very good. The electron emission is strong and the electron work function is 2.7eV.what is more,with high current load ability,stable arc thoirated tungsten electrode can bear long-term welding.It is very often been used for D.C.welding of carbon steel stainless steel,nickel alloy and titanium alloy. ? Model Oxide Addictive Impurities content Tungsten contents Color standard Varieties Content% WT40 ThO2 3.80-4.20 <0.2 balance Orange ?