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Date: 12th May 2016
WL10 Tungsten Electrode
If you want to import wl10 tungsten electrode from one of the competitive V manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, equipped with a productive factory, Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology is always at your service. Lanthanum -Tungsten Electrode is well known for its good welding performance.It is the electrode added with 1-2% of La2O3.The power of its electronic transgression is 2.7-2.8ev,bearing the closest features to those of the Thorium-Tungsten Electrode. Its arc features and burn spoilage endurance used with small and medium currents.Lanthanum-Tungsten Electrode is the substitution product of thorium-tungsten electrode because of its non-radiation. Its other advantage is its endurance of high current and low burn spoilage rate. Model Oxide Addictive Impurities content Tungsten contents Color standard Varieties Content% WL10 La2O3 0.80-1.20 <0.2 Remainder Black