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Date: 12th May 2016
Tungsten-rhenium Wire
If you want to import tungsten-rhenium wire from one of the competitive tungsten-rhenium thermocouple wire,Website:, noble metal thermocouple wire, themrocouple ally wire, bare thermocouple wire manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a productive factory, Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology is always at your service. Tungsten-rhenium?wire is the powder metallurgy, processing pressure and electrochemical processing as the main body of professional technology, with wire, rod materials with different properties and products for the product, to produce single crystal sapphire as the main application field, it is in the tungsten industry system is a branch of high-tech content and added value. Tungsten-rhenium?wire with room temperature and high temperature strength, good plasticity after recrystallization, resistivity, low resistivity, oxidation and carbonization, fight "water cycle reaction ability and good welding performance, etc. Tungsten-rhenium alloy structure material is mainly used for high temperature field, and in the electronic technology, nuclear technology, space technology and temperature measuring technology has wide applications. The most widely used has three aspects: 1.Rhenium tungsten electrodes, laser rhenium content 3% of the superior electron emission ability of the rhenium tungsten wire, is the ideal surface modification by laser generator electrode materials. 2.Tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire, there is a low rhenium alloy silk with high rhenium alloy wire after matching and calibration is used to make a thermocouple temperature sensor wire, temperature measuring range (0 ~ 2500 c), high thermoelectric potential value, fast response speed, good corrosion resistance, so the tungsten-rhenium thermocouples wire is widely used in the temperature measuring instrument.It is not only used for vacuum, reducing atmosphere and inert atmosphere, and adopt measures to prevent oxidation is also used in oxidizing atmosphere instead of platinum rhodium thermocouple temperature measurement by practical application.There are three main forms according to the different combinations of WRe3/25, WRe5/20, WRe5/26. 3.The tungsten rhenium high temperature cable tie, rhenium tungsten wire due to the high melting point, good plasticity and the characteristics of nonvolatile deformation under high temperature, is widely used in high temperature furnace heating element of the cable tie.Especially sapphire heat field due to high temperature heating element in the volatile matter pollution crystals, so tungsten-rhenium tie line become sapphire thermal field of cable tie.