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Date: 12th May 2016
Thorium Tungsten Wire
If you want to import thorium tungsten wire from one of the competitive thoriated tungsten,Website:, tungsten wire for lamp, white tungsten wire, clean tungsten wire manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a productive factory, Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology is always at your service. We are the only professional manufacturer of electronic works,magnetron with thorium cathode tungsten wire.Have?the complete tube industry chain,product size precision is high,the resistance control precision, high temperature performance is good,high surface finish,long service life. Product introductionWTH10 used in the manufacture of tube cathode,grid,such as high temperature electrodes and seismic filament. Line wire diameter of allowable deviation Diameter mm 200mm?wire?weight deviation% Permissible Variations?Diameter% Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2 ?0.2-?0.35 ?1.5 ?2.0 ?0.35-?0.80 - - ?1.0 ?2.0 chemical component Desingnation W% Oxide% Impurity% Impurities Content WTH10 98.41 1.0-1.49 0.1 0.01